The deal with Shop: The therapy Deluxe set

For the road trip, I brought along 2 of the products from this 3-pc kit, which I got for $5 as a purchase with purchase last year when I gotten some skincare at The deal with Shop.

The set includes:

• THE therapy necessary formula emulsion – $40 for 130ml (Deluxe sample is 32ml, worth $9.85)
• THE therapy Secret-Made Anti-Aging cream – $45 for 50ml (Deluxe sample is 10ml, worth $9.00)
• THE therapy necessary tonic treatment – $35 for 150ml (Deluxe sample is 32ml, worth $7.47)

The overall value of the set is $26.31, which is absolutely worth the $5 I paid for it.

The packaging explains The therapy variety as “an anti-aging cosmetic line that embodies a two century-old European natural blending technique from Marche, Italy.”  There isn’t a whole great deal of technical info about this line offered – I was able to discover a press release dated Dec 2014 which supplies vague info about processing techniques, blending theories as well as botanical components (marigold, olives as well as bay leaf).  From their Facebook page, it listings the complying with benefits [brackets are my added comments]:

• supplies radiant as well as supple skin with a natural oil as well as wetness layer
• Marche hand-crafted anti aging blending formula
• formulated without 10 additives [no surfactants, silicone, paraben, acrylamide, mineral oil, man-made coloring, animal-sourced ingredients, benzophenone, triethanolamine, sulfate]
• primary active component adenosine [apparently adenosine is a great anti-inflammatory ingredient]

I’ll evaluation these in the buy in which I would usually utilize each product:

Essential tonic treatment
I utilized this as my publish cleansing, pre-moisturizing toner. It has a thicker liquid consistency, similar to that of the Body shop Vitamin E toner. While it did leave my skin soft as well as supple feeling, it’s good, however not amazing. There’s a faint floral fragrance – I’m guessing the marigold?

Essential formula Emulsion
This is a puzzling product. The structure is type of like gooey gel lotion, but not in a bad way. I utilized this product in two different ways: one method was to apply a thin layer pre-nighttime moisturizer, like a serum, as well as the other method was to utilize it as my daytime moisturizer.

I favored it as a daytime moisturizer – it supplied the good amount of hydration however can leave the skin a bit shiny.  The 5th as well as 6th component in this are palm as well as canola oil – I don’t recall ever seeing those in skincare before however obviously they’re great for the skin as well as options to mineral oil.

Secret-Made Anti-Aging Cream
This cream has a whipped butter high quality to it – a bit bit of this goes a long way. I made the error of apply as well much the very first few times I utilized it as well as my deal with was incredibly greasy looking.  This is finest utilized as a nighttime moisturizer as it is a bit rich for daytime.  The scent of this was extremely calming as well as faint.  In the morning I get up with soft, supple skin.

Overall, I’m pleasantly shocked by this variety from The deal with Shop!  I would state this line is a lot more geared toward typical to dry skin.  Out of the 3 products from this kit, I would absolutely think about getting the full size of the cream as well as perhaps the emulsion. They are absolutely contenders to ultimately replace a few of the Shiseido products I currently use.  The therapy collection likewise includes an product that wasn’t part of this kit: Oil-Drop Anti-Aging Serum ($45 for 45ml) – which I’m extremely interested by!

Ingredient listing – click to enlarge.  All 3 are made in Korea.
• absence of additives
• not heavily fragranced
• skin calming as well as hydrating components (glycerin, glycol, adenosine, olive oil, honey, oat)

• may not be easily offered in North America
• a bit a lot more costly than drugstore prices

Stash worthiness: 8/10

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