Merry Christmas!

have yourself a Merry Christmas!  I hope you were just a bit bit naughty.

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Blogmas Day 7: preferred Christmas SongsWould you believe that I utilized to sing in the church choir?  Yup. As a tween I liked to sing however I am truly not that great of a singer, so throughout the years I sing less as well as less. however I do secretly still love singing to Christmas songs. I even have…
December 7, 2015In “General”

Merry Christmas!Just a quick note to state finest desires for the Merriest Christmas today! I hope your day brings you happiness as well as peace. 🙂 I likewise want to say thanks to my fellow Babes in Blogland for such a fun partnership for the past 25 days! Go desire them all a Merry Christmas: ♥ …
December 25, 2015In “General”

Blogmas Day 11: Christmas TraditionsToday will be a much more personal post. I’ve had comments asking for my name as well as my photo – I don’t share them on the blog for privacy reasons. It honestly shouldn’t matter if my name is Seraphina, or if I may potentially have a third eye (hey, that just implies more…
December 11, 2015In “General”

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