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If only we might pay for Stella McCartney, being a vegan would be sooo much easier.

Your vegan way of life does not have to be at chances with your style sense. Sure, you have to get a lot more innovative about what you wear as well as where you get it. however over the last few decades, the collective conscience has spoken. as well as the fashion market has responded — albeit slowly — with an ever-increasing choice of vegan fashion garments stores as well as vegan garments brands.

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You can get your vegan style repair from 100% vegan retailers, mass retailers with vegan collections, vegan designers as well as — yes! — vegan fashion blogs. as well as just to verify that vegan fashion doesn’t skimp on style, let’s kick off this guide with a look at some of today’s trendiest vegan pieces.

Trendy Vegan fashion under $100

< We The Free $98.00 BLANKNYC $98.00 Urban Originals $98.00 Free People $98.00 Lena Gabrielle $99.99 Banana Republic $98.00 Blank NYC $98.00 Blank Denim $98.00 Shoptiques $97.00 Dear Drew by Drew Barrymore $95.00 Nanushka $95.00 Etsy - JacarandaHandmade $95.00 Matisse $90.00 Blank NYC $88.00 Blank Denim $88.00 Urban Originals $88.00 Matisse $88.00 BC Footwear $89.00 Matisse $90.00 >

As a vegan, you’re not destined to provide up on the luxe look of leather! as well as your luxe world doesn’t begin with vegan leather pants either. try vegan cowboy boots, tops, jackets, skirts as well as even shorts on for size.

How to shop for Vegan clothes

Leather may be the best known fashion opponent to your vegan way of life — however it’s definitely not the only one. That’s why it’s so crucial to checked out labels, just as you do in the grocery store.

According to PETA’s guide to vegan shopping, these fabrics to watch for when buying for clothes:

Alligator skin
Camel hair

Kangaroo skin
Karakul lamb fur

5 Places to get Cute Vegan fashion


How do we love ASOS? let us count the ways. Let’s see: on-trend pieces, affordable pricing as well as ethical sourcing practices. It’s the trifecta!

As of March, 2019, ASOS has banned these materials from all of its websites: any type of part of vulnerable, endangered, exotic or wild-caught species; fur, including Mongolian lambs’ fur or rabbit hair (including angora); feather as well as down; bone, horn, shell (including mom of pearl) as well as teeth; mohair as well as cashmere; as well as silk.

2. ten Trees

W Cypress Dress, $76, 10 Trees

At 10 Trees, you’ll discover ethically as well as sustainably sourced casual wear. Plus, these folks plant 10 trees for every product purchased.

3. Moo Shoes

Women’s Esplar Sneaker in White/Indigo from Veja, $100, Moo Shoes

Moo Shoes carries cruelty-free shoes, bags as well as belts for women as well as men. In women’s shoes, select from sneakers, flats, ankle boots, sandals as well as heels — generally what you’d expect from any type of shoe store!

4. Unicorn Goods

Tristin Kristin Striped chilly carry top in Mustard, $18, Unicorn Goods

Unicorn Goods has a great choice of vegan garments, however be cautious where your mouse takes you. The top shown above for $18 is a steal, however the store likewise carries pieces from Stella McCartney. Yes, we love her for the stance she’s taken against the leather industry, however we just can’t pay for her clothes.

5. Delikate Rayne

Blue Satin Scoop Back, Tank, $45.20, Delikate Rayne

The Delikate Rayne collection is on the splurgy side, for sure. however this one made our listing since these are genuine clothes — not restricted to a smattering of vegan t-shirts that you see at so lots of other vegan retailers. keep your eyes peeled for the sale sign here!

5 Vegan fashion Blogs

Justine is not just a vegan fashion blogger, she’s a vegan way of life blogger. She covers style trends with gorgeous photography as well as links to her preferred vegan retailers. however you’ll likewise discover vegan recipes as well as what she calls “brainfood,” a series of fact-based articles covering pressing environmental issues.

This blog is written in German, however that’s no concern if you utilize Google Chrome’s translator.

Love as well as Blossoms covers trends, how-to style recommendations along with a dash of inspirational posts. The clean styling of the website along with the stunning photos will drive you to this blog when you feel like looking at something pretty.

Vegan blogger Vicky Ly of Ethical Elephant gives us a no-nonsense handbook to vegan appeal as well as shopping. look to her for product reviews, buying guides, as well as even coupons as well as sale listings. She likewise gets into harder-hitting topics like China’s animal testing laws.

Chic Vegan is an accessible, magazine-style blog covering fashion, beauty, food as well as vegan lifestyle. The fashion material is admittedly not this team’s strong suit, however the appeal material will keep you in the loop with the latest as well as biggest vegan appeal products.

Style with a Smile keeps you present on vegan fashion market happenings — with protection of the Eluxe Awards as well as interviews with market insiders. You can likewise satisfy some wanderlust by complying with blogger Noa’s travel diaries.

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