Mont Bleu nail Tools: Glass Files, Nippers etc

Back in April, I was contacted by Mont Bleu to try out a few of their nail tools. Now, you may not have heard of Mont Bleu, however I definitely have! I keep in mind ages ago, reading raves about the brand for their fantastic glass data from nail blog writers that I admired (I’m speaking 4 years ago, ahem) – as well as believing that a person day I will try them. as well as now I’m lastly trying them!

I received:
• set of 3 crystal nail data “Wave Color” in “Light Rose-Tanzanite” link
• Dual-end glass cuticle pusher in “Pink” link
• Mont Bleu Cuticle Nippers link
• original Foot Scraper & Callus cleaner in Teal link

I’ve been testing these out for about a month as well as right here are my thoughts.

I made a point to try mainly their glass product because Mont Bleu focuses on Czech glass items… because they’re a Czech company! They pride themselves in old-fashioned skilled craftsmanship, top high quality materials as well as contemporary designs.

Let’s begin with the one non-glass item, the cuticle nippers (€13.99 / approx $15.60 USD / $21 CAD) in 3mm size:

I’d discussed in my “How I do my Manicures” publish that I rotate between the basic spring-loaded nippers as well as the handbook scissor style.

The etched logo detail is a good touch.
I feel like I have much more manage with the handbook style however I do discover spring-loaded kind to be sharper. as well as boy, are these ones sharp!

See exactly how accurate the directed suggestion is on the Mont Bleu compared to the Sally charm supply one?

The only small problem I experienced was that the screw wasn’t totally tight so the spring part had a tendency to shift while I was utilizing it.

Nothing that a quick tightening with a screwdriver couldn’t fix.

Next, the foot scraper as well as callus cleaner (€16 / approx $17.90 USD / $24 CAD).

I’ve been curious about this type of foot data – I had tried a glass one ages back from Sally charm supply as well as my foot really filed the surface of that data smooth! XD  (cue joke about exactly how rough my feet should have been!  I guarantee you, it wasn’t my foot, it was the file!)

Compared to the basic pumice file, the glass data was much more gentle.
This one though, is genius. One side is grittier than the other – I choose the finer grit side. It data in a extremely gentle method – the very best technique is to utilize on somewhat moist skin after soaking my feet in sudsy water, as well as data lightly in one direction.  The excess skin will just autumn away. as well as I’ve utilized this a number of times now, as well as the surface of the glass has not filed smooth whatsoever!

I took so numerous macro shots of this thing in an attempt to catch the structure – they all turned out appearing like abstract art. XD
The data has a good weight to it as it is made from high high quality tempered glass. This is offered in 13 different colours / effects.  One recommendation for Mont Bleu: offer an all remove version for the purists out there.

The dual-ended glass cuticle pusher (€5.49 approx $6.10 USD / $8.25 CAD) is the most distinct product out of all the products I selected.  A cuticle pusher made completely of glass:

The ends have a somewhat rough texture, which makes them extremely efficient in grabbing the lose cuticle skin as well as pushing them back (it’s likewise very sharp). The slanted end is great for getting into the grooves on either side of the nail bed.

I’ll listing this tool as a “back-up worthy” item.  It is provided in 5 colours as well as I want them all!  (I have the exact same recommendation as the foot data – a colourless, remove version would make a fantastic addition to this range! )

Here’s exactly how the ends compare to conventional cuticle pushes – the directed suggestion is pointier than the metal counterpart.
I’ve honestly never seen anything else like it. similar to the glass foot file, it has a good weight to it as well as I don’t worry breaking it.

And the very best for last – the glass nail data with Swarovski crystals!

Aren’t they pretty?  At first, I was concerned that the crystal embellishment would make holding the data feel awkward. however that [turned out to be] not the situation whatsoever because my grip is much more at the belly of the file, rather than at the extremely end.

I attempted to catch the shimmer of the Swarovski crystals in the light…
There are unlimited options of nail data styles from Mont Bleu – you can opt for the bare minimalist look as well as opt for clear, or get zodiac signs, monograms, 3D effects, hand-painted designs, as well as of course, their specialty: Swarovski crystal embellishments. inspect out all the nail data collections right here – I spent so much time in this section trying to choose!

As for the data high quality – they are excellent!  The basic / medium size (135mm / 5.32″) offers the exact same level of course-ness as my elusive no-name 10 yr old glass data withthe navy velvet pouch that I’d discussed in my other post!  It has the ideal level of grittiness – not as well fine as well as not as well course.  It’s like discovering Cinderella to in shape the glass slipper!  Or Goldilocks discovering the ideal porridge…

Compared against my 2 many reached for glass files. See exactly how sharp the suggestion is of the Mont Bleu? Also, I just recently realized that my OPI one has a chip at the tip!
I discovered the large size (195mm / 7.68″) one to have a finer grit which was ideal for smoothing over the nail edges as well as for fine-tuning my nail shape.  And of course, the itty bitty little size one (90 mm / 3.54″) is now in my handbag for useful touch-ups as well as emergencies.  This set offers for €27 (approx $30.20 USD / $40.60 CAD) which I believe is incredibly great value for 3 high high quality data that will last for years.  The data are likewise offered alone, in sets of 2 or 3 – the costs variety from €4 as much as €27 depending upon the size, design, as well as quantity.

The Mont Bleu data come housed in smooth black velvet pouches.

The data likewise include holographic stickers of authenticity to guarantee greatest quality. I had some fun catching the different colours of the holo…
I wanted I hadn’t waited so long to try these nail data from Mont Bleu. I was hesitant since I couldn’t feel them in advancement of ordering them on the internet – however let me tell you, these data are The One for me.  And I’ve tried a ton of glass data in browse of a deserving replacement for my cherished 10 yr old one.  Now I can rest simple understanding I can get much more from Mont Bleu. Seriously, this is one of the very best discoveries of the year as well as it’s only half method with the year!

Here are the different locations you can discover Mont Bleu products:
• Mont Bleu consumer on the internet store
• Amazon shop
• Wholesale site – on this site, you can see a peek of their producing process – it’s so neat:

Mont Bleu was kind sufficient to offer a discount rate of 20% off with their on the internet store (first link above). just type in “BLOG” in the check-out as well as you’ll immediately get the discount.  And here’s the most essential concern – would I purchase these products on my own? Yes, I would!  I understand that I’ll be getting much more of the glass data as well as the cuticle pusher for sure – they would make great provides (to provide to others or for yourself… )

Note: these products were sent to me totally free of charge and I evaluated them out thoroughly before developing my own thoughts as well as opinions about them. say thanks to you, Mont Bleu!

Have you tried Mont Bleu nail tools? Are you a fan of glass nail files?

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