How to Make a tie Dye Skirt






Tie-dyeing was one of my preferred hobbies in my childhood, so you can on picture my excitement when it popped on Michael Kor’s SS 2012 runway. I love this monotone take on the look, as well as decided to try it out on a skirt that the lovely ladies over at BurdaStyle made for me. I went with purple since I wanted a color to shift from the summertime to Fall.

Steps in Making a tie Dye Skirt

Supplies: White cotton skirt (made by the amazing Alison at Burda Style), purple dye, bucket, rubber bands

1. begin with your white skirt

2. Fold it back as well as forth accordion style

3. gather together the entire skirt.

4. wrap your rubber bands around the skirt, each spaced as well as 1.5 apart. Make sure they are tight, so the dye does not seep in.

5. Fill your bucket up with warm water, decrease in dye as well as stir up until dissolved

6. Dip your skirt into the dye as well as hold for 5 minutes.

7. Ring out excess dye

8. cut off the rubber bands

9. let the dye set overnight then laundry out excess dye in chilly water.

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