BITE Lip lab Bespoke Lipstick Party!

Last Friday evening, four Toronto chicks headed over to the stylish Queen street West downtown to experience the excitement of making our extremely own lipsticks at none other than the BITE Lip Lab!

I’ve never made my own lip colour before save for the one time I melted some Vaseline with a bit of food colouring when I was around 12 years old. great times! The BITE Lip lab is just a tad more advanced than my at house “lab”! XD

Look at everybody so focused on what they’re doing!
I went to this event as a guest of feline of MyLipAddiction! together with feline as well as myself, there were Maria of finest Day Blogger, as well as Grieta of TO appeal ‘n Beyond.   It was such an intimate event that they had closed up shop as well as served us some wine…

I didn’t indulge too much since I wished to have some sobriety when I was choosing my shades (or else I may have come house with a pastel blue lippie )

A quick bit of FAQ on the BITE Lip Lab.  BITE Beauty, as a lot of of you understand by now, is a homegrown Canadian brand that focuses on food grade components in their products. Go ahead as well as munch on those lipsticks all you want, it’s all good.  The BITE Lip lab is a natural extension of the ready-made shades – select from different formulas, a range of scents as well as an limitless possibility of colours!

There are 9 natural scents to select from (vanilla, mint, wildberry, cherry, coconut, lime, citrus mango, violet, fresh citrus) as well as you can select one or integrate two.
I was of two minds when it pertained to trying to choose what colours I wanted. must I produce something special as well as not quickly discovered “off the shelf”? Or, get something typical however understanding that it would be in the incredible BITE formula? I ended up getting the very best both worlds!

Our Lip lab Magicians disguised as Lip lab Artists: Austen as well as Jen. Austen dealt with Grieta as well as Cat, as well as Jen dealt with Maria as well as I. Maria was my lipstick making friend for the evening!
First, the lip prep!

1) removal of existing lipstick – I was rocking BITE luminous Crème Lipstick in Pepper that night (when in Rome, right?) and it came off cleanly with rich Lip Wipes. totally clean lips space of any type of existing product is a need to when testing new lip colours.
2) exfoliation utilizing the Agave Sugar Lip Scrub. I *think* the direction was to tissue off the excess however um, I just licked my lips clean. This tastes like candy.
3) Hydration – we were used their Agave Lip Mask however if you recall, I tried it before as well as it made my lips itch! So I asked if there was one more choice offered as well as Jen offered used me the Agave lip balm version, which I ended up liking so much that I’ve already gotten it from the Sephora sale!

The Shades

Would you believe that I made a decision to make a red lipstick? Me, the enthusiast of MLBB shades as well as sheer tinted lip balms?

1) daily Red
This is such a tough shade to pin down for a great deal of people. however having a magnificent red lipstick is like having a bit black dress! I desired a shade that was brightening on the deal with and was simple to wear. Jen composed down the complying with notes based on my preferences:
• blue based red
• creamy / AB (Amuse Bouche surface – there are other choices offered including Luminous, Matte Crème, as well as glossy Sheer)

Jen mixing up the very first batch of red.
Here are the formulas for the red:
Version A:
• 1/2 K7121
• 1/4 tannin
Although I requested a red, it took some getting utilized to really seeing RED on myself. It was a bit difficult to apply on my lips exactly from the disposable flocked applicator so Jen supplied a BITE lip pencil for me to fill in the edges – extremely helpful. I got a lot more comfortable seeing myself with red lips (after lots of rounds of assurances from the gang!) however I requested just a touch toned down shade of red.

My lipstick mix sheet. like a work of art in itself.
Version B:
• 1/2 K7
• 1/4 tannin
• 1/6 almond
This was the winner! The addition of the almond shade toned down the colour to a more wearable red for me.

There’s Austen, producing lipsticks as well as dispensing smart words.
Austen stated it finest when he explained this shade as “You’re using that red, it’s not using you.” Exactly!

I’ve made a decision to phone call this shade “I’m Not truly a Streetwalker“. It’s scented with a tantalizing citrus mango vanilla fragrance.  Swatch will be below.

My second shade is one that I’ll be using a LOT. The quintessential MLBB colour.  Hey, I just had to.  I’m relatively specific that a MLBB nude shade is BITE Lip Lab’s a lot of requested custom-made colour. It makes sense considering that what’s my best nude may not be your best nude – why not get it customized.

2) best Nude
• midtone
• AB (Amuse Bouche finish)
• Mauve

Version A:
• 1/2 nude
• 1/6 musk
• 1/4 rhubarb
The very first iteration of this was somewhat as well pale so I requested some “oomph” – I know, extremely technical!

Originally, the sheets had both “Stashy” as well as my genuine name however I requested it to be eliminated since I understood I’d want to photograph these for the blog!
Version B:
1/2 rhubarb
1/4 musk
1/4 nude
See exactly how the base colours are all the exact same however just a modify of the ratios? This blend was genuinely my best nude! I used this for the rest of the evening. It felt so great on my lips – the amuse Bouche formula is dreamy.

This one is scented with coconut lime – yum. I’m calling this shade “Sleepy Tofu“, in honour of Cat’s adorable Chihuahua.

The scene of the crime. trying on lipsticks is untidy business. At one point my fingertips were discolored bloody red…
The Creation

The actual “production” process of the lipsticks is rather simple however interesting at the exact same time.

“S” for super! These jars hold exact ratios of bases as well as pigments based on the “recipe” from the sheets.
At one point I compared it to cooking, which it type of is: determine out the right ingredients, mix it up, as well as “cook” it. Voila, a lipstick!

The waxes / oils are heated to melt them as well as mixed in a centrifuge. (Never believed I’d ever utilize the word “centrifuge” on my blog!)
The scents are added.
Prepping the molds.
Ready for action.

The blend is then poured into metal lipstick molds.

The molds are then chilled quickly utilizing an anti-griddle (similar to the ones that are utilized to make Thai rolled ice cream! new side service for BITE Lip Lab? )  I would have a picture of this in action however I believe I had as well much white wine at this point…

Once set, the bullets can be released from the mold.
Then a blank lipstick tube is utilized to draw out each lipstick bullet.
It is encouraged not to apply the lipsticks for at least 40 minutes to enable the bullet to totally set. To be safe, I waited 4 days before I opened the tubes. You guys understand about my delayed gratification, right… 4 days is a speed record for me to open up new makeup! XD

And now, some beauty shots of the lipstick creations:

The caps are magnetic on these tubes.
L: I’m Not truly a Streetwalker (ie Wearable Red), R: Sleepy Tofu (ie best Nude)

For me, the BITE Lip lab isn’t only about the end product – the lipsticks – it’s about the experience. I’ve never had the chance to interact deal with to deal with with the people who really produce what I’m going to wear. believe about that for a second – when was the last time you spoke to the person who made anything you’re wearing, be it makeup, clothes, jewellery, shoes, etc? There’s just something special about being present with the whole process.  The event lasted for an hour as well as a half however it will online on permanently in my mind!

Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re producing your own lipstick colours:
• DO opt for an open mind – don’t bother bringing in a lipstick to try to dupe, it truly takes out the fun in the whole experience. It’s much better to mention an famous look or recommendation a colour household instead.
• DO supply direction – just like going to a hairdresser, it’s practical for the Lip lab Artists to have an concept of what you prefer. After all, it’s your extremely own custom-made lipstick shade for YOU
• DO speak up if you’re not satisfied with the blend before they finalize the shade – they’re excellent listeners as well as can likewise supply tips if you’re not sure of exactly how to enhance the colour
• DO look at the colours in different illumination conditions – similar to foundation matching, one set of illumination isn’t going to supply the total view of exactly how the colours will look on you. We were motivated to walk to the windows to look at ourselves in daylight.
• DO wear your typical makeup (foundation and blush especially) to see exactly how the lipstick colours will work in combination with the general look. I even brought along my concealer since I understood there’d be rather a bit of scrubing to try on the different test shades as well as my skin gets a bit red when rubbed.  This assisted to clean the edges of my lips as well.
• DO bring a good friend along if you can. I believe this would make a terrific celebration concept for a group of good friends or mommy / child / sibling / aunt / granny dates.

Thank you BITE Lip lab as well as feline for the terrific evening!
I’ve been spoiled now – a bespoke makeup product has been a dream of mine for ages! very first a bespoke lipstick, what’s next? Bespoke foundation? Eye shadow? nail polish?  Have you been to the BITE Lip Lab? What would be your dream lipstick shade?

For a lot more info on the BITE Lip lab in Toronto, click here.

This event was organized by feline Forsley of As always, these views are my own.

PS. I revamped my site style as influenced by the tissue paper that BITE Lip lab utilized to wrap our valuable lipsticks.

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