Sundays With Tabs the Cat, makeup as well as appeal blog Mascot, Vol. 688

For the humans, today was the day to get our Christmas tree, however for the cats, today was when the machinations started for exactly how to take down the tree. Rosie wrapped up that the most efficient method is to swat at the ornaments or ruin the lower branch ornaments.

I caught Rosie in one of the spaces with a chalkboard with all type of equations on it. There was a tree in the middle as well as something about the trajectory of a tree falling?


Tabs’s style was totally different. He’d just go in there as well as knock the dang tree down. extremely different cats. exact same program though.


My fellow feline ladies, you understand exactly how it is with the Christmas tree. The lower branches are totally bare, as well as you understand much better than to danger your finest ornaments on the bottom layer since cats will figure out exactly how to shatter even the shatterproof ones.



Your friendly community appeal addict,


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