Saturday Surfing, Feb. 26, 2022!

great morning to ya. How’s your Caturday going so far? Good, I hope. With whatever unfolding in the world this week, I’m grateful to just have shelter as well as feel risk-free at this moment, since a great deal of people don’t have that best now…

I hope your stomach is full anywhere you are. I hope you feel safe, warm as well as content, as well as I hope you’re surrounded by people who care for you as well as like you.


I try my finest to keep MBB light as well as bright because, as I get even more into adulthood (*ahem*), all of the real-world issues feel heavier as well as heavier, as well as my hope is that MBB can always be a short-term shelter from the huge scaries — a location that feels risk-free to just prattle on about things that bring us joy, whether it be makeup, cats or pop culture. I hope you always feel great when you visit.

But, as you extremely well know, in some cases the genuine world intervenes.

On that note, hi again. Oh, assumption what? This woman is going back to Sephora today since I just tried on a few of the new things I purchased yesterday, as well as they looked funky…and not cool in a great way.


Cats & makeup Sweatshirt ??


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The Ilia very Serum Skin Tint looked heavy as well as grayish eco-friendly on my skin (the color I selected was Morgat), the Ilia Concealer seemed just a touch as well thick, as well as the Caliray Mascara refused to hold a lash curl.

Hmm… perhaps I’m pickier than I utilized to be. All I understand is I’m still searching for a mascara, concealer as well as skin tint that sings to my soul.

This week’s reading

The OG charm influencers? ancient Egyptian royalty!

Gwen Stefani has a new makeup line.

For my good friends with fair skin tones, these are allegedly the very best bronzers for lighter lasses, according to makeup artists.

Hair as well as makeup artists working at The Atlanta Opera are at the center of a labor conflict that might have extensive implications across all industries.

Euphoria-style makeup is still a thing.

How Thierry Mugler permanently altered the perfume world.

Love me some Florence.


I requirement a few of this style.

Love, love, love.

The tap dancing intro!

Anyone else like these videos?


Please have a excellent rest of your weekend!

Your friendly community charm addict,


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