Quickie rich Haul (& Mother’s Day Set)

A couple of weeks back I pointed out that I had sufficient empty containers to redeem for a complimentary deal with mask as well as solicited suggestions from you. thanks for all the suggestions! I lastly got around to a rich store – here’s what I walked out with:

How quite is that buying bag?
I ended up a lot more than I originally planned, however what else is new?

First, a short story: I had really gone to the rich store last week to redeem for my complimentary mask. I made the trip during my lunch break with my coworker, toting my bag of empty containers. I spoken to the useful SA as well as got my mask as well as chosen up a couple of other products however was encouraged that the POS system (Point Of Sale system, not the piece Of Sh*t system ) was being rebooted as well as would be back up in 5 minutes. No biggie. We milled around the store for one more 10 minutes as well as then went back to the cashier to see if we might inspect out. The chick behind the counter had such an mindset with us, telling us curtly she’s not available. We asked when the POS will be back up as well as she stated not sure, however didn’t elaborate. She stated she might take cash. I do not bring around that much money with me! We asked exactly how much longer as well as lastly she stated it will be one more 30 minutes. We encouraged her that we’re on our lunch as well as couldn’t wait around that long! So I had to desert my basket as well as walked out with all my empty containers as well as no mask.

Fast ahead to yesterday, I lastly had time to go back to the shopping center as well as lugged back my bag of empties again. This time, success! The mask I ended up getting:

Catastrophe Cosmetic! It usually retails for $8.95 for 60g as well as I got this for free.  This pot was made on may 2nd as well as ends may 23rd, so it will make an appearance in my may trash Stash.  I had no hassles with redeeming my empties as I was anxious about. The cashier did make a point to open each as well as every one of the pots to check the insides – she stated that some people return them with mould inside!

In my post, I likewise requested other suggestions from rich as well as I made a decision to get 2 hair care products:

Big Shampoo – $27.95 for 325g

Yes this is expensive for a shampoo however I’ve heard such raves for it. as well as I like me some bouncy voluminous hair so let’s see exactly how this works for me!

No Drought – $8.95 for 55g (also offered in 130g for $15.95)

This was likewise suggested to me in that publish as well as I do like loose powder for dry shampoo versus the aerosol type.

The SA suggested the Veganese Hair Conditioner, which does seem great however I’m anxious it may evaluate down my hair so she supplied a sample for me to test out first.

Then, I identified the Mother’s Day items… I truly desired the restricted edition shower Jelly called Pink Custard, however of course, it wasn’t offered on its own. So I had to – just had to – get this set:

Yes, I gotten myself a gift set. This set is just called “Thanks Mom” as well as offers for $35.95

I rather took pleasure in unwrapping it. The sticker reads, “This gift was lovingly packed by Rachel’s team”
I liked that there was a label on the outside that showed all of the expiry dates of each product inside.

The set includes:
• Pink Custard shower Jelly ($7.95 for 100g)
• Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner (value of $7.20 for 45g)
• Serendipity Soap ($7.95 for 100g)
• Charity Pot ($7.95 for 50g – 100% of the purchase cost of this goes to charity!)

Hmmm the overall value works out to be $31.04 which is less than the selling cost of the set. I mean the wrapping accounts for the rest of it? *shrug*  I provided the Charity Pot to my buddy considering that she liked it a lot.  I’m likewise delighted to have gotten Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner – it smells amazing, as well as I’m hoping it’s not useless like the Turkish pleasure shower Smoothie.

At least I got the Pink Custard shower Jelly. It smells so good!

If you’re still on the search for a Mother’s Day present, rich uses an assortment of goodies:

See the full listing here.

I somehow missed the Serendipity Soap in this shot, oops.
Have you tried any type of of the products that I got from LUSH?

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