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Here’s the motherlode.  I’ve mentioned many times that I have a great deal of eye shadows – over 600 – it is the most plentiful makeup classification that I own.  I just like eye shadows as well as it’s the area of my deal with that I spend the most time applying makeup.  I’ll keep this introduction short as well as just let the photos do the talking.

It took me over 2 hours just to kind as well as photograph the whole eye shadow collection as well as most likely one more 4 to edit everything.  Usual disclaimer: this isn’t meant to show off.  It was really rather a advantageous exercise for me to display all my eye shadows visually.   Warning: picture heavy post! (50 images)

First, I just want to show exactly how I store the bulk of my eye shadows. Palettes are put vertically inside these acrylic stands:

Single shadows are put into narrow drawers:

And wider drawers fit larger pans:

Onto the eye shadow stash, in no specific order (although I did try to group brands together however failed as well as then provided up!):

Phew! Was that as great for you as it was for me?  As you can see, I like a wide range of eye shadows – a few of my drugstore brands perform much better than the higher end ones!  This is just an overview – I’ll be featuring a few of these eye shadows in future posts with detailed photos, info as well as swatches.  I already have a few topic concepts (hint: taupes, taupes, taupes!)

If you have any type of questions, please feel free to ask in the comments.

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