What comfy shoes to wear in summer?

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Yesterday my good friend Lan Anh as well as I were discussing the hot topic of summertime shoes (amongst talking worldwide warming action, hiking in the woods as well as problematic police, we are clever girls who likewise talk about shoes).

ANYWAYS, we both are walking A great deal in our Parisian lives.

She decided to stop wearing heels while I choose to keep some heights to my outfits.

What we both agree on is that summertime shoes have to be both walkable as well as breathable otherwise it’s a no go.

Here is my choice for both flats as well as high shoe lovers.

I/ flat summertime shoes

A/ thin flat sandals

The type a Greek goddess would wear you see?

a. exactly how to select them

I like the ones with thin straps that vanish on the feet.

Either in nude color for overall camouflage or something contrasting for a graphic result.

If you go for thicker straps, I suggest to prevent them around the ankle as I believed it flatters no human being (my opinion).

b. exactly how to wear?

With the mini, midi, as well as long dresses/skirts. as well as with cropped pants. Charming with big fluid pants as well as ripped washed out jeans.

The ideal camouflage versatile sandals

The iconic Hermès mules

Graphic lines

With broad pants

With midi lengths, colors close to the skin are recommended in order not to visually “cut” your leg

With very long, flat sandals are the best choice for me 

c. Ma sélection

Natural leather K-Jacques



Saint Laurent tribute mules or Hermès mules: luxe forever

Michel Vivien’s perfections

B/ Thick flat sandals

Birks, hiking like sandals, grunge flatforms… those kinds.

Cool however less delicate.

But comfy! as well as with style

a. exactly how to select them

Make sure they do not look orthopedic.

Or stylish orthopedic. Be the judge.

b. exactly how to wear them.

Cropped pants again. however likewise mini sexy shorts as well as charming fluid dresses as well as skirts to break the sexiness.

Any length works however can cause a “heavy calves effect” with midi length.

Casual chic perfection

Fashion journalist type

Franny, mixing elegant basics as well as kind of grunge sandals

Stylonnylon looking great in a charming dress

c. My selection

Arizona de Birk forever

Teva multicolored : common unsightly cool

C/ Ballet flats

Are making their huge come back this year.

Well if you checked out my short article about them, you understand that, for technical issues, I only wear the slingback types.

Ballet flats are tricky as well as look much better with small ankle if you show ankle, with small calves if you show calves, with small legs if you wear something truly short.

a. exactly how to select them.

Thin are my favorites!

But you can likewise select something much more rigid as well as bourgeois like Inès de la Fressange’s favorites Roger Vivier.

b. exactly how to wear them

Cropped pants as well as shorts are my preferred options to keep a great attitude. however you can make them work with skirts as well as dresses too… beware of the “too wonderful look” if that’s not your jam.

Leia Sfez

Alexa Chung

That is my preferred skirt inspo

c. Ma sélection

Les Porselli

Les Repetto

Open toe Repettos!

Open toe, Valentino!

Beware of affordable ballet flats that can boost sweating issues.

II/ little heels

Perfect to get a bit of height in the silhouette whilst walking lightly.

a. exactly how to select them? 

The chunkier the heel, the easier the walk.

Add a bit of padding as well as you are wearing sleepers.

They can be mules, slingbacks, have ankle straps… the range is endless…but you always get that light walk.

b. exactly how to wear them.

With everything.

Mini shorts on my good friend Hélène

Franny wears her mules with rolled carrot pants?

Jenny Walton pairs strappy sandals with chunky square heels with midi length (the strap around the ankle I discover somewhat as well thick)

III/ platform shoes

By this, I imply shoes that have height both at the back as well as front of the shoes.

They may be “full” (like espadrilles) or with a “hole” (like clogs).

These are my official summertime shoes. They keep me away from the warm ground as well as dust while adding considerable length to the legs.

Like the former: they can be worn with anything.

You can likewise hide them under maxi lengths to pretend you are very tall.

Me wearing my fav gold sandals in Montmartre

La belle Léna with high espadrilles

Stylonnylon elevates her casual overalls with clogs

And you? What are your comfy as well as elegant go-to summertime shoes? 

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