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Most of us have a few old sweaters laying around that either don’t fit or just aren’t appealing to us anymore. instead of throwing them out, why not provide them new life as something else? It’s simple to take an old sweater as well as turn it into an appealing as well as beneficial DIY sweater pillow for the bed, for the sofa or even just for the dog. Here’s how.

Supplies for a DIY sweater pillow

You requirement an old sweater as well as an appropriately sized pillow form. To figure out the ideal size for the pillow form, you can determine the sweater. Or, take the sweater to the craft store as well as compare it to pillow forms up until you discover one you like.

Making your DIY sweater pillow

Turn the sweater inside out as well as determine it against the pillow form. Mark the sweater with a pen. You’ll want to stitch an additional ¼-inch seam around the marks to make sure that the sweater is huge sufficient to accommodate the pillow.

If you can, plan on using at least one side seam of the sweater. That would minimize your sewing.

With the sweater still inside out, stitch the seams together with a sewing maker or by hand with needle as well as thread, leaving one seam open. turn the sweater right-side out as well as insert the pillow type into the open end. Hand stitch the last seam closed.

Felted sweater pillow

You can likewise utilize a felted sweater to make a sweater pillow. Be sure to felt the sweater before measuring for as well as selecting pillow forms, as the material will shrink.

100%-wool sweaters can quickly be felted. maker laundry the sweaters with detergent on hot/cold setting, then dry on hot setting. Repeat this cycle about three times. test the sweaters for felting by snipping the hem an inch or so in. If it frays, it’s not rather finished. try running it with the wash/dry cycle again.

Once felted, cut out pieces as well as sew as per the instructions above.

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