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Terial Magic ™ is a non-aerosol material maintaining spray that was the topic of a demonstration at our newest conference of JAMs (Judy’s Transformed Minds). Treated with Terial Magic, fabrics do not fray when cut, attached or ironed, as well as they hold shapes and folds up.

Originally developed for usage in creating dimensional material blossoms, Terial Magic can change stabilizers and also fusibles for quilters as well as embroiderers and keeps fraying in check for all type of fiber as well as multimedias art.

Terial Magic (pronounced like product) was created for use on fabrics that battle royal at the edge when cut, or light-weight textiles that need to have even more body to be quickly taken care of. For our demo, we checked it on cotton and batik, however the producer keeps in mind that you can utilize it on T-shirt jersey, polyester, wool and also numerous other materials. Pictured below, clockwise from top: Terial Magic textile supporting spray; origami fabric gown card, dimensional textile flower (both by Linda Morgan) as well as textile die-cut into tag shape.

Dealt with material has a recognizable body, similar to a sheet of paper– it is not tight or plasticky. There is no difference in the fabric’s feeling or surface, as well as shades hold without shift lighter or darker. Dealt with material is ideal for:

creating dimensional flowers as well as leaves or various other 3-D decorations for fiber art or garments (the manufacturers do suggest utilizing a clear matte acrylic spray on dimensional material flowers to offer even more durability in addition to water resistance).

paper piecing.

cutting appliqué shapes (raw-edge, or quickly finger press under 1/4″ allowances for hand or equipment sewing) and also any detailed shapes.

equipment embroidery (as opposed to fusible or paper stabilizers).

computer system printing photos and images (instance right here, a classic cherub picture was computer system printed on white textile treated with Terial Magic. The fabric can be trimmed with clean, no-fray edges and has a paper-like consistency so it experiences printers without issues or jamming).

textile origami (see example listed below).

going through digital cutting devices (see die-cut textile tag in the picture at top).

as well as extra!

Above, an origami gown pattern folded from fabric treated with Terial Magic and glued to a paper card base.

The spray is straightforward to use: location your material in a dish or tray and also spray it all over, saturated it thoroughly. (See below image, thanks to the Terial Arts internet site, or visit YouTube for a fast video step by step.) If you are treating a bigger quantity of material, place it in loosened folds, as well as choose it up and also rearrange it while splashing to reach almost everywhere.

Wring the textile out, to relocate the item with all the fabric and to remove the unwanted (we saved the liquid as well as repoured it into the container). Hang the textile to damp-dry. We were able to hang some material outside in the summer sun as well as it was dry in simple mins; our friend Linda curtained her textile alongside her laundry tub, so it took longer.

Once your material is damp-dry, iron it to eliminate any creases. Unlike starch, Terial Magic does not burn and also leaves no deposit either on your material or you iron’s soleplate. You can also iron entirely dry fabric with great outcomes. If you are utilizing your textile to develop dimensional flowers as well as leaves, you may want to allow your textile air-dry entirely, leaving the old and wrinkly structure alone. This gives your textile leaves as well as petals a sensible, natural look.

Treated textile is extremely easy to sew: it is secure and will not change or extend as you stitch, plus there is no residue on your needle or the sewing maker surface area.

In the image above, we began with two strips of 100% cotton textile: top, unattended; base, sprayed with Terial Magic. The same pre-programmed machine stitches were made use of on both sides, and you can quickly see the difference: the treated part shows level stitches without pulls or puckers.

During our demo, we were asked whether this product could be utilized to develop a pleated outfit for a doll, and Linda swiftly pleated as well as finger pressed a rectangular shape of dealt with material (imagined right). We later ironed the pleats in, leading to knife-like sharpness (see inset)– we needed to work to draw the pleats apart to get the fabric to spread.

The item has a pleasant, non-chemical aroma,– it advised us of a ‘bed linen’ aromatic candle light or textile conditioner. It has an unsafe feeling to your skin as you function the product through, comparable to a hair conditioner, as well as easily washes off your hands.

Terial Magic is water soluble and can be rinsed of your textile if wanted, e.g., utilizing it to item as well as appliqué a patchwork. But it is risk-freeto leave in fabrics permanently, which is another notable feature: starched textiles can attract bugs such as silverfish, specifically depending upon the climate as well as humidity degrees, which can mess up kept patchworks or bed linens.

Check Out the Terial Arts internet site for additional sources: video clip tutorials, job suggestions, cost-free pattern downloads as well as even more.

Keep in mind: Article updated 11/6/2017 with upgraded web links, consisting of YouTube instructional video clip, as well as other edits.

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